What’s Wrong With Gas Station Coffee

The whole point of camping, hiking, road trips, and any Outdoor activity is to escape the “real world” and immerse yourself in nature. It’s about getting away from comforts of the modern world. It’s about being grimy and dirty, and not caring about any of it. So the idea that you should take an entire case just to make coffee while on the road is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen.

There seems to be this elitist backlash growing in the Outdoors world. Everyone wants to seem like they can go into the wild with a knife and water bottle and live for a week. Then I see crap like this and want to lose my mind.

First of all, what’s wrong with gas station coffee? I used to do over the road sales and have done multiple road trips, and gas station coffee is a lifesaver. I never once said “Oh this isn’t Italian espresso?” while driving from Minneapolis to Los Angeles and back. It was more “Oh thank God! I slept in the back of my car for five hours and I have to drive 750 miles today.” I don’t know what type of road trips these people are on but I bet they suck.

Second, this is by no means a feasible method for bringing your own coffee. First of all who has room for an entire case whose only purpose is to make one beverage? Not to mention the price. I totaled everything up on their list: $237. Are you kidding me? Gas station coffee across a majority of the places you go is $2-$3 at most. Unreal this is presented as the solution.

This article reads like something out of Travel + Leisure, “Have your camp-side butler make this for you every morning.” A camping kettle runs you $35 high-end, and that gets you other camp cookware. Five pounds of ground coffee runs you $60, and I’m sure you can find cheaper stuff elsewhere. There ya go, $95 for the trip and you will have a ton leftover.

If you’re willing to spend $237 on a cumbersome coffee setup for your road trip, I can save you even more money: stay home. Chances are you will also dislike the places you stop, the people you meet, and the “yucky” food at road side diners while you’re on your way for a douchey selfie at the Grand Canyon.

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