Podcast Review: Stuff You Should Know

Educational podcasts can be hit or miss, and by that I mean unless you’re into the subject they can be a tough listen. However, that is the issue, a lot of them touch on one subject or a theme. Nothing wrong with that, but it leaves for a narrow discussion. Stuff You Should Know is not like those podcasts though.


Covering an array of topics and subjects as this podcast does takes some intense research and puts the pressure squarely on the hosts. This is quite an undertaking because no matter how much someone knows about a topic, having a show dedicated means you have to sound like an expert.

Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant are more than up to this monumental task, however. They do well to present each show’s topic with some depth and detail, but also in a manner which keeps you engaged. Both inject their own pre-episode/research opinions and what they found out while looking into a topic deeper.

They also do a good job of citing their sources, and directing listeners to more in-depth sources, such as books and journals. While they might not be experts on each topic, they certainly present each one expertly, and their journalist and writing backgrounds shine through.


While the topic of each show changes, the format of the show remains roughly the same. The topic is presented, depending they will put forth any misconceptions, myths, or stereotypes about it. Then they dig into more depth on it.

With each episode being anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, they dig into each topic enough to give a good idea on it, and enough to want you to do some more investigation. They touch on any famous cases of the topic, or any popular media coverage or fictional portrayals to give the listener a well-rounded picture.

The real strength is in the variety though. They cover everything from The ins and outs of the DEATH TAX to How Megalodon Worked, nothing is off limits or left out. It makes for a nice listen as 2-3 episodes drop each week, meaning you don’t have to listen to each one, barring multiple episodes on one topic of course.


It’s a well produced, well executed podcast, with a great variety of topics and even a thorough website backing it up. This is one of the rare times I can recommend this podcast to pretty much everyone. Seriously, they are bound to cover a topic you’re half-interested in, let alone fully onboard learning more about.

I would highly recommend subscribing and then picking and choosing which episodes you want to listen to. This ensures you don’t miss any you might like, but you won’t fall behind. Trust me, I have about 12 on my phone right now that I am hoping I have time to listen to, and I hope I can get them all in.



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