The Plight of the Modern Sports Fan

This should be the best of times for sports fans. You can pretty much consume any sport you want, at anytime, and any place. If you have a signal on your phone, you can watch your favorite team, or look up stats, articles, and columns at all times. It’s pretty nice.

However, that’s not the issue. I was even worried for a bit that overexposure might kill my enjoyment, but it’s just strengthened it. What’s starting to kill my enjoyment is the absolute, unmitigated greed of these leagues. It’s about killing me.

The NFL has moved, or allowed a move, three times in just over one year. THREE! How can they expect 85% of fan bases to believe they actually give a shit about them? There’s the franchises who will never move, but for the rest, good luck.

The NHL just announced they won’t allow their players to go to the Olympics. They’ve had three work stoppages in the last 20 years, and are staring down yet another one in the next few years. Yeah, the true mark of a league who thinks about their fans first.

They don’t have an issue with international play, since they started their own with the World Cup of Hockey. They just have an issue with international play where they don’t make money.

Then we have the NCAA, which I won’t even get into the hypocrisy of the fact they make billions of dollars of years off athletes who don’t get paid. It’s pretty gross at this point. Maybe they shouldn’t get a salary, but how about healthcare coverage even after their collegiate playing careers, or a lump-sum payment when you graduate?

Nah, then the University of Michigan wouldn’t have their $9.7 billion endowment! They also get hundreds of millions from taxpayers every year. Could you imagine what would happen to an university that didn’t have access to almost $10 billion?! I shutter to think!

I’m just getting sick of going to game, paying $10 to $18 for a beer, $10 for a hotdog, after I paid $50 for the ticket, $120 for the jersey and $35 for the hat. I thought I was supposed to be having fun, not sacrificing what type of car I can afford?

I’m not kicking my habit anytime soon. It still does bring me enjoyment. I just spent 45 minutes discussing baseball with my friend on the phone the other day, it was great. But I think I’ve transcended the choosing a random Thursday Night Football game over pretty much anything else. Well other than ripping out my toenails with needle-nose pliers.

2 thoughts on “The Plight of the Modern Sports Fan

  1. Many NFL games had lower ratings last year than past seasons, maybe fans are getting tired of 5 minutes of game then 3 minutes of ads and some matchups are just boring

    1. Are you telling me Cincinnati at Houston on a Thursday night is not a marquee matchup????? They’re over-saturating the market. No one has four days to sacrifice to football, two is tough enough.

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