Are You Packing Your Cooler Wrong?

There’s a wrong way to pack a cooler? You just set your beer in then cover it with ice, right? That’s what I always do. Then you put whatever food items on top. You know bologna, cheese singles, liquor, hotdogs, etc.

Apparently I am way off though as Outside Online outlines the proper way to pack a cooler. It makes sense, especially for longer trips and camping excursions. The big thing is to maximize your ice and cooling packs, because everyone knows nothing sucks more than needing to get ice.

It’s always like $12 for a one-pound bag too. Everyone likes to complain about how much bottled water costs, well look into what the frozen version of that runs. It’s insanity. Also the National Parks LOVE to gouge on ice. Now that Trump wants to defund them it will be cheaper to bring a generator and an ice machine to your campsite.

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