MLB Preview, Part IV: The Postseason

I’m not going to get into details, number of games, etc. I am just going to predict who I think will win which series and when. Obviously these will be EXACTLY what happens so no need to get too specific!

American League

Wild Card

American League

I have the Mariners hosting the Orioles in the one-game playoff. I think Seattle takes this. Their improved pitching and depth will give them the edge over an Orioles team who benefited from a depleted AL East.

National League

The Cardinals vs the Giants is a match made in baseball fan Heaven. Well at least a fan in the last decade or so. Both these teams are in it every year. The Giants always seem to be willing to make the deadline deals to get themselves to the next level, and they would do the same here to take this game, in St. Louis.

Divisional Series

American League

As much as Seattle has improved, they will run into the buzz saw that is the Cleveland Indians. A team on a mission is a terrible thing to mess with, especially one with an axe to grind.

The Red Sox and new-look Astros would be an excellent series. With as much as Houston has improved, their young and inexperienced staff will struggle. I think this one would go the distance, but Boston takes it.

National League

As much as Commissioner Rob Manfred would love a Giants vs Dodgers series, I think the Cubs will carry the best record from the NL and would get San Francisco. While San Francisco are the three time champs, with three World Series wins since 2010, the Cubs are just too good right now.

The Dodgers and Nationals would meet up once again, after an epic 2016 matchup. However, I think this one would go a bit different then last time. The Nationals are locked and loaded, and on a mission. It might go the distance, but Washington will take it.

League Championship

American League

This one will be deja vu all over again for the Red Sox. Once again, the Indians are on a mission and looking to settle a score. It might not be the sweep it was in 2016, but I see the Indians winning this one again.

National League

Cubs and Nationals would be a great matchup. Some great, young talent in the spotlight for MLB to showcase in a tight series. I think the Nationals take a close, hard-fought series. They finally get over that hump.

World Series

The Indians are looking for revenge, and the Nationals are looking for ascension and to prove the naysayers wrong. This one will probably go the distance again, and again, I think Cleveland comes out on the losing end. The Nationals take it.


Again, this is mainly my opinion and is just for fun. Always welcome arguments and dissenting opinions!

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