The Ultimate Camper For The Adventurer

Teardrop trailers are pretty incredible these days. They’re light, offer much better storage than before, and are easy to tow. They also don’t come with the hassle of driving a huge camper or trailer. The only problem is they’re expensive, like $20,000 and up, expensive.

Enter Sylvan Sports and their GO trailer. This thing looks pretty amazing, and versatile as well, which is what people who are into the Outdoors require. The big thing here though is you can sleep in it, as well as haul your toys with you, and it doesn’t matter what toys you have.

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It looks like you can even use it for everyday use at home, moving furniture and whatnot. In a world of decreased living space, and multi-use gear, this fits right in. Compact, versatile, and can do just about anything you need it to. Sign me up!

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