What Gets Left On The Cutting Room Floor

I love watching Extreme Sports videos. Anything from snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, and everything in between, it’s great. They pushed the advent of HD video and the entire sub-industry of the action camera.

However, when watching these incredible scenes from around the world, I always think “Man they must have some incredible screw-ups somewhere.” I’ve done videos before, and am by no means an expert. Although, I do know you need a ton of footage to get just a few minutes of good stuff.

That’s why I was happy to have found the below video, which is all that cutting room floor footage. These guys and gals are a lot tougher than me, if I tried once and ate it, I’d be done. But this is what we watch the X-Games for right? I mean no one watches NASCAR because they want to see stock cars go in a circle for a few hours without any wrecks.

X Games Real Attempt — LJ Strenio from Jake Strassman on Vimeo.

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