Surviving Those Long-Haul Flights

I’ve done more long-haul flights than I can remember. It’s gotten to the point where if it’s under seven hours I am pretty happy. There’s very few things you can do for that long, outside of sleeping, to make the time pass.

Outside Online looks at a few things you can bring with you to make the time pass easier. For me though, there’s only one thing I need: a good pair of headphones. Whether I’m listening to my own music, or watching a movie, they’re a must.

You can go noise-canceling, but if you have a good enough pair, they will work. It’s the number one thing, outside of comfortable clothes. I am in the camp of at least dress like you’re not binging on Netflix, but anything goes for those long flights.

Even on a nine hour flight you might be out of your seat 30 minutes, 45 at max. That’s a lot of ass-time. Being comfortable takes precedent. Plus when you get off a flight that long you are not feeling the freshest, so who wants to get good clothes all funkafied?

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