Pizza Review: Extreme Pizza

This past Saturday was a big sports viewing day for me, so what better time to order some pizza? While Bellagios is my local, and as you all know pretty damn good, I figured for the sake of my reviews I should shake things up. So I went Extreme!


I used the ol’ Google for this one, and was intrigued by a place called Extreme Pizza, so figured it was worth a try. Apparently it’s a multi-state chain, but not a regional one, which is even more intriguing. That is an odd combo of states for sure.

I will say their online ordering was very easy to use, and pretty fast as well. The delivery was insanely quick. I thought it was because they do the smart thing, quote you a time far out, knowing they will beat it. Then you think “Damn that was fast!” But it was legit quick for a Saturday night. So top marks there.

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For a larger chain, this did not taste like pre-made, frozen dough, although it still could be for all I know. They definitely did a good job not over or under cooking this one. I did go with the regular crust, and it was a bit chewy. However, I’m nit-picking a bit. While it was chewy it definitely didn’t ruin the pizza, and again it was a solid base.


I went with all veggie toppings on this one. I know, I know, I’m a real health nut! The only reason I am mad at myself for not going with meat is I wanted to see how generous they would be with it. As you can see from the picture (keep in mind that’s a medium), they definitely didn’t skimp on toppings.

While the toppings were generous and fresh, the sauce is what really stood out here. It’s the first thing I noticed on my first bite. It was bold, not too sweet, and did not overpower the rest of the flavors. A good pizza starts from the base up, and this was a very good sauce.


For branching out to an unknown chain, this went pretty well. Portland is a tough pizza market as it is, so being a chain makes it that much tougher, you have to be on your game. While I wouldn’t choose this over Bellagios anytime soon, I definitely would over any other known chains. If you’re looking to mix things up in the Hillsboro area, it’s worth a try.

SCORE: 8.1

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