Jose Canseco Will Be Must Watch TV

I did a double-take when I saw this story. I couldn’t believe it. This is just what baseball needs, and what Oakland needs after the news today the Raiders will definitely be moving to Las Vegas. Jose Canseco to the rescue!

The former Oakland A’s Outfielder, and one half of the Bash Brothers, will be returning to the franchise he is most known for. Well, except for that time the fly ball turned into a HR after it bounced off his head as a member of the Rangers.

Baseball needs this. They have the highest average age for fans, and still haven’t realized it. Bryce Harper is doing all he can to Make Baseball Fun Again, but he needs help. And who better to help then the guy who got pulled over while transporting a goat in a diaper?

Jose Canseco Oakland Athletics A's MLB Baseball California

No one, that’s who! Can’t freaking wait.

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