Canucks Sign College Free-Agent Because Reasons

Canucks GM Jim Benning signed a college free agent today. I’m neither happy, nor angry with this one, just more perplexed. I mean I should be happy, since Griffen Molino is a Michigander like myself, but I’m just not sure why we needed him?

Molino had a solid season with Western Michigan, notching 33 points in 40 games. It’s not that he’s bad, but he’s a 23-year-old college hockey free agent. Is he needed on this team? Just assuming he’s signed for depth, let’s look at the Forwards the Canucks have who are 23 or younger: Brock Boeser(20), Jake Virtanen(20), Bo Horvat(21), Nikolay Goldobin (21), Brendan Gaunce (23), Joseph Labate (23), Markus Granlund (23), and Reid Boucher (23).

Those are just the guys who’ve gotten ice time with the Canucks this season, and not even the other prospects in the system. So again, why? Bo Horvat has needed a new contract all season, and his price has only gone higher, with Benning doing nothing. Well, except going out and signing 23-year-old college free agents, because…

I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but I honestly don’t know why. And don’t tell me it’s “depth.” I know they’ve had a ton of injuries, but they’ve had no issues finding AHL-rejects this year to plug in and fill up minutes. Hell, Willie has spent most of the year plugging in guys who had no business playing.

I’m just at a loss here for why. Am I missing some glaring reason, or does it make this little sense to everyone?

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