67 Points, Take That EA Sports!

The Canucks got out to a shocking 4-1 lead over the Chicago Blackhawks Tuesday night in Chicago. They chased Corey Crawford, and looked a lot like the team we all hoped they would. But then that pesky third period showed up!

Shortly after Brandon Sutter scored Vancouver’s fourth goal, just over two minutes into the third period, the Blackhawks mounted their comeback. Scoring three goals, including one with just over a minute left in the game to salvage Chicago a point. And there goes another win, well, not quite.

Almost halfway through OT, with a man-advantage, we got to see some of that Sedinary we so rarely get anymore, as Daniel put home the game winner. There it is, 67 points, two more than predicted. Suck it “experts.”

While the final looks like an a-typical result, when you dig deeper it screams of what this team has become. They were outshot 44-15, and only had that lead due to the opposing goalie and team melting down.

We were subjected to the usual postgame quotes, which used to be cute, but are now just aggravating and played out. While I’m not #TeamTank I am #TeamPlayTheKidsWhenYourSeasonIsLost. Yet Coach Willie Desjardins seems to be resigned to playing recently signed AHL castoffs and guys who’ve proven time and time again they can’t cut it. What that accomplishes, I have no idea.

I’d rather see a low-level prospect who has low potential play than someone recently signed who has no future with the team. What does that accomplish? Sadly that seems to be the tenure of Desjardins, if it ain’t working, stick with it until it does!

This is the mark of coaches who have clearly lost the plot, which as a Detroit Lions fan I have heard enough to know when we got a live one. Willie has had some doozies in his tenure, especially this season. He loves saying young guys who don’t get playing time have to “earn it,” yet is liberal when it comes newly signed guys from the Swiss League.

Sends a great message to the guys who’ve been at every practice all season. The real test will be how this season plays out, but not just for Willie. Rumors are swirling that highly touted prospect Brock Boeser might be brought in once North Dakota is eliminated.

Some hail this as a good move. However, I’m not sure how bringing in your highest rated prospect at the end of a lost season with a coach who’d rather play a 27-year-old off the AHL scrap heap than anyone under 25 is a good thing? I must be missing something.

If the coach’s days are numbered, which they should be, then I can’t imagine management’s is too far behind. This is their guy, hand-picked, and it’s not been the best result. The team has regressed every season despite the promise of “rebuilding on the fly.”

This team needed a rebuild two years before they were ready to acknowledge it. Their solution has been to load up in the offseason and be bottom-dwellers without bringing along their prospects in any formal manner. Even when the season was clearly lost, and their $36 million man, Loui Eriksson, was a farce, they still talked playoffs.

This is a franchise with no direction and no plan. If it hasn’t been made clear in the last two plus seasons, the strategy changes by the day sometimes, and management seems to make up things as they go. I’m not sure how fans can defend the GM or any semblance of a plan, when he says one thing one day, then completely contradicts himself the next.


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