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I’ve been golfing for quite some time now. While I’ve never been a member of a country club, and most definitely golfed in flip-flops and cargo shorts, I still like to follow the game, both professionals and what’s new, so was excited to find this podcast. While it’s a Barstool Sports product, it stays focused on it’s topic, and is all about the game.


One of the first things you realize when listening to Fore Play is these guys know their golf. Like really know it. Trent and Riggs, both contributing bloggers over at Barstool Sports, are diehards when it comes to the sport. I mean who else would play in this?!


Their strength isn’t knowing everything from the fan side of the sport, although, they are very adept at what’s going on in all professional leagues. They are also well-informed of new equipment, rule changes, and what the casual players are up to. It’s quite literally everything golf, and it’s from the minds of these two golf-addicts.


For a very focused podcast, they pack a lot into an hour and some change. The weekly show is perfect as they preview upcoming tournaments and review what happened since the last show. They add fan’s golf-related emails and questions at the end, which can range from how to handle rules decisions or punishment for awful play. However, the real strength comes in the interviews.

Each show they interview someone related to the world of golf. They’ve had PGA golfers like Smylie Kaufman to announcers like the Golf Channel’s Michael Breed, and even Shooter McGavin! Well the guy who runs the Shooter McGavin parody Twitter account. This keeps things moving along, and means they’re always discussing a different part of the sport.

This is really the strength of the podcast. It’s not them droning on and on about the most recent tournament, or what’s coming up. They discuss a wide range of topics in regards to the sport. I love this aspect, because as much as I like playing I rarely follow the professionals, so my threshold is low for that content. However, the format doesn’t allow for one topic to dominate others.


As far as a straight up podcast goes this is one of the better ones out there. From the hosts, to the format, to the flow, and even the production, shout out to Producer Robbie Fox), it’s very solid and well put together. Although, you need to be a fan of golf.

I wouldn’t necessarily say you have to be a giant fan, but it would help. As I said, I am more of a fan of playing than watching, and even I zone out on some of the interviews. Again, that’s just me though. However, if you like to watch the game, play it, and/or just go to the driving range, this is the podcast for you.



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  1. Hey guys love what you do. My boys and I play THE Rutgers University course alll the the time and it is one of the best university courses on the map. Would be cool to here from you guys to see if we could do a course review vid or something. We’re big dawgs so don’t worry bout squid guys rippin pat tens out there.

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