Do You Have the Right Travel Mug?

I’ve never been a big travel mug person. As long as it has a top, is fairly easy to drink out of, and fits in my cup holder it works for me. I also drink things extremely fast. Whether it’s coffee, tea, water, beer, booze, etc., if it’s in front of me, it’s going down quick.

However, it seems the insulated mug game is turning into a serious thing. I guess it’s good to have a dependable one if you’re camping, or spending a lot of time outside in cold weather. Nothing worse than camping in cold weather and having nothing to warm you up at least a little.

From the Outside Magazine comparison it seems you don’t need to drop serious bucks on one either. What’s Inside does a great test of the Yeti Cup on their Youtube channel. Also, if you’re unfamiliar it’s a cool channel to check out regardless.

There might be something to this, however, for now I am going to be sticking with the free ones I get at trade shows and exhibitions.

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