Packing Light

I wrote a similar post about packing for a hiking/camping trip a couple weeks ago, so felt this is right along the same lines. However, this would be more along the lines of a road-trip or casual vacation abroad. Still a valuable lesson though, as this type of packing can save you money.

Outside Magazine put together some great tips and ideas for getting away with just a carry-on. Although, if you followed their plans you might be broke, as they suggested some amazing pieces of clothing, but they aren’t cheap. I absolutely love Icebreaker, but I also don’t like paying $75 for a t-shirt.

The overall idea is simple though: bring a few comfortable, and durable pieces of clothing. A couple polo shirts, a couple pairs of pants, a couple t-shirts, etc. I think the one main thing a lot of people forget is you’re not on a fashion shoot.

This doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good. One main thing to remember is if you’re moving around a lot, even on a domestic road trip, no one will know if you wear the same thing. You’ll be in a different city, surrounded by different people.

No one knows that’s the third time you’ve worn a shirt, and if you’re traveling with someone who does care, find a new travel buddy. The name of the game is being mobile and packing light. No one wants to lug a giant roller-bag around Rome. Happy packing!

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