Pizza Slice Review: Pizza Schmizza, NW 21st + Bonus Beer Review

These reviews will go a bit different compared to a full pizza, and will most likely come with a Bonus Beer Review as well.

Portland has quite a few By-The-Slice pizza places, which is awesome. Most are local chains, but there’s a few stand alones which are amazing as well, and I hope to get to those soon. For my first one though I went to one of those local chains, Pizza Schmizza on NW 21st.


Pizza Schmizza doesn’t have the best reputation from the pizza lovers in this city. While I’ll admit it’s not the best, it’s also a step or two above the national/multinational chains for sure, and most have a good selection of beers, and plenty of TVs for sports viewing.

This particular location was the closest one to my old apartment, and my go-to venue for any big games. I also frequented a place near my old office with a coworker which was on PSU’s campus. One constant is the staff always seems to be friendly, and the service is solid. Pizza Schmizza Portland Oregon PDX PNW



While this is a local chain, it’s also a franchise. The same combos can be found at most places for buying by the slice, however, consistency can vary. While I try to find the fresher pizzas on the rack, they always slide it into another oven to warm it up. This helped a lot.

While on the top the crust was a bit doughy, but not chewy, the bottom had a bit of a crunch to it from the warmup, which was a nice contrast.


This is where we ran into some issues. While I looked for freshest one, it doesn’t always mean it will be the best. The tomato was fresh, and not overcooked. However, the feta was tasteless at best. I ended up having to slather this one in Tabasco and parmesan.

I can’t make an assessment on the sauce because it was so light I could barely taste any. I got about halfway through and realized this is glorified cheese bread.


I was a bit disappointed in the pizza, just because I’ve had much better slices, at this location nonetheless. The rating will reflect my thoughts on the pizza and not the place as a whole, because I will be back. However, in just pizza terms, this one fell flat.

SCORE: 4.7

Bonus Beer Review

I am always looking to try new beer, and Laurelwood Brewing has been a solid choice when I do that. I am a big fan of their Free Range Red, so when I saw their seasonal Dark Vienna Lager I jumped right on in.

The seasonal tag made it a bit pricier ($6.25 for a pint…yeah), but it was a nice beer. As the name suggests, it’s a darker beer, but doesn’t drink like one. It’s crisp, and easy to drink, and at 5% doesn’t hit too hard. I enjoyed it a lot.

SCORE: 8.8


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