Can’t a Man Just Watch Some Miami Vice in Peace?

Just hanging out in an apartment lobby, maybe waiting for some friends, or maybe just walking through and saw Miami Vice on the TV. Either way, you sit down to enjoy the best 1980s TV has to offer, then get destroyed by an avalanche of grain and glass. Poor Ken Bradley.

Luckily he was alright, just a few cuts. But that video is just insane. Unfortunately, there was no word on what type of grain it was, and as someone who grew up on a farm, that matters.

If we’re talking wheat then ok, its a softer, smaller grain. However, if this was soybeans it may have been worse. And corn? Forget about it, homeboy would be down and out. Worst part about all of this? He’ll never know if Crockett and Tubbs busted those drug dealers using cigarette boats to smuggle their product.


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