Dave Chappelle with a Great Story

For those who are unaware of Dave Chappelle, or his short but amazing show on Comedy Central, I feel bad for you. It was perhaps the best two seasons of comedy television ever. However, it was cut short by greedy TV executives who were hoping Dave was just as greedy as them. Fortunately he wasn’t, but unfortunately for us, that meant no more Chappelle’s Show.

Dave left a $50 million deal on the table when he walked from the show and the network and disappeared for awhile. He’s now back doing standup on a regular basis and just signed a huge deal with Netflix for a couple specials. But many still can’t believe how he could ignore that much money. Well here’s your answer.

Just a perfect story/analogy from Dave. Nailed it. However, you don’t have to be a comedian leaving tens of millions on the table to learn this lesson. Just because something sounds great, and looks great, will it be?

I am coming to terms with something similar right now. If you’re dissatisfied with your job, but get offered a promotion, is it worth it? Sure more money is great, but will that solve your problems? Ultimately I’ve come to terms that I did make the right choice, but damn it was close.


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