Anarchists Double as Road Workers

I returned to Portland just after a horrendous snow-storm by PNW standards. As someone originally from Michigan, and who lived in Minnesota, we just call it “Winter.” However, I do understand it can be daunting when you’re not used to it.

The best part has been seeing the city’s reaction to the potholes it’s left behind though. Literally have done news reports explaining how it happens. Again, being from Michigan, well-versed in this plague on modern driving.

Since they aren’t acclimated to this scourge, the city has been slow to repair the ever-growing craters on the roads and highways in the Portland metro area. Well a group of self-proclaimed anarchists have decided to take matters in their own hands.

Now this is in stark contrast to the reputation anarchists received in this city in the aftermath of the Presidential election. However, who knows if these are the same ones. I do love this move though.

There is no doubt the US is battling with infrastructure problem. Also, I don’t think there is a city yet whose citizens are pleased with how quickly, or rather slowly, things get done when it comes to repairs and improvements. And when it comes to Portland, we know this well.

In my opinion nothing points out the insanity and inefficiency of a municipal government by literally doing their jobs for them. Especially when its one of these rare events like fixing potholes. It’s one of the rare things this city can still come to a majority decision on.

I think this does a couple things. One, really improves the reputation of anarchists in this city. Hopefully we can get some with a background in public transportation. It also let’s the city government know that if they don’t want to help, we can do it ourselves.



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