MLS Doing Their Best NFL Impression

For anyone who watched the Portland Timbers and LA Galaxy play from Sunday, one glaring thing stands out: Jake Gleeson’s amazing saves. Of course I am joking. It was the sending off of Galaxy Defender, Jelle Van Damme after two Timbers players were “fouled.”

Like any fanbase, the Galaxy faithful were upset, and they should have been. They got shafted. Whoever does the social media for the club assessed the mood of the fans perfectly, and sent this hilarious tweet. Even as a diehard Timbers fan, I laughed at that. It’s funny.

The Timbers fired back with their own jab, which while poignant and a good burn, was not as good as the Galaxy one. However, being loyal means you back your team no matter what, so yeah, get em!

The point here though is that the two teams had a nice back-and-forth on social media. Both fan bases had a good laugh, and now onto the next opponent. Not so fast says Big Brother Buzzkill MLS.

Apparently this good-natured ribbing warrants a talking to from the league, according to Yahoo! Sports and other outlets. This is absolutely absurd, and all it does is deter future interactions like this. What’s so wrong here?

Sure they want the monetary success of the NFL, but don’t go down the path of turning into the “No Fun League”as the NFL is becoming known as. Each market is different, so let the club’s be different.

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