Podcast Review: Taste My Brain

There are some podcasts that are meticulously put together and others that are a, seemingly, drunken ramble that diverges so off topic they become something else. Taste My Brain is definitely somewhere in between the two.  It can be crude, obnoxious, and rambling, however, it can be informing, hilarious, and entertaining as well.


When you listen to Josh, Tim, and Ryan, you can’t really tell them apart, but then you realize that it doesn’t really matter. The only differences are their takes and opinions, which run along the same line anyway. But they put it best on their iTunes page: “…if you want to sit back in judgement and have a chance to join an hour of lunacy with three assholes who think they’re smart, you have definitely come to the right place.” Honestly, I can put it any better.


It’s a pretty straight ahead and simple format: they pick a topic and discuss it. Oh and they drink. Some episodes more than others. Although, it’s all part of the fun. While each episode has an outline, research is basic. They do enough to get the conversation going, but not enough to speak intelligently on the topic, which is what they’re going for.

The discussion goes off the rails a lot, whether it’s a related story, to insult/mock one of the hosts, or even something not even related at all. Most of the time it’s pretty damn funny, even if it’s not related to one of the topics. However, the strength of the format, in my opinion, is in the variety of the topics they choose.

They cover everything from current events, such as Russia’s hacking, to just general topics, Australian animals and the crazy stories they produce. There’s no regular schedule either, so one week it will be “Medical Oddities,” and the next “The Clintons,” where they delve into all the conspiracy theories on them.


We’re all adults here, so the content is nothing out of line. However, I will say the humor and mocking can get pretty dark at times. Not dark in the sense of mean comments and arguments, just in the choice of words used. I know that can offend some, however, it’s right up my alley.

A lot of the conversations I can picture having with friends of mine after a few beers while hanging out, specifically Jeff and Bryan, sorry Barron you’re vegan now. The part I like about it is they aren’t holding back and thinking about their words before they speak. They let the conversation flow as it would if there weren’t being recorded.

Episodes are released every two weeks or so and are about an hour each. It breaks up the monotony of other podcasts and the relentless news and sports cycles. It’s also nice as you can check-in and see which topics you might be interested in. If you aren’t easily offended, or just offended by anything, and looking to switch it up, this is definitely worth a listen.



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