Some Expensive Gear!

Even when I have money and am looking to buy new gear, I avoid the bright, shiny stuff with the big price tag. I do my research, ask around, find the best price, and go with it. However, that’s not to say I don’t mind looking at the expensive stuff.

Whether it’s apparel, a tent, or snowshoes, I like to see the latest stuff no matter the price. It’s nice to play the lottery game in Outdoors, the same as it is with cars, houses, and vacations. The reason car shows are still popular is everyone likes drooling over something they can’t afford.

So who doesn’t want to look at a $1,700 watch, or a $5,000 tent? How about a $1,400 sleeping bag, or maybe a $55,000 bike? Yeah me either, but it’s cool to look at. The Gear Junkie lined up a few of the coolest, and most absurdly expensive, Outdoor gear on the market, enjoy!

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