Better Beer at 35,000 Feet

Cathay-Pacific Airways has just released a beer that is brewed specifically to be enjoyed in the friendly skies. The new Betsy Beer, named after the company’s first aircraft, will be available on upcoming Hong Kong to UK flights. My issues is, why did this take so damn long?!

Apparently, we needed 37 varieties of peach beer before we started engineering beer brewing to accommodate for something millions of people do a day. Not that everyone drinks on their flights, but this is something that affects a lot more people than combining three flavors of fruit.

They even got the idea from how they make the food. Apparently there is “blanding” of taste buds at certain altitudes and it can severely impact the way your brain processes food and beverages. So they knew this was a thing.

I for one hope this continues though. Need beer for naval personnel in submarines, or mountaineers. What about miners? They spend a long time down deep below the surface. Few beers that taste extra good would make having that black lung a bit more bearable.

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