A Different Kind of Beer Bath

When I hear the term “beer bath” there’s only one thing I can think of, and it’s when a Texas redneck drove a beer truck into an arena. It was pretty damn cool. However, my favorite brewery in the UK, and maybe even Europe as a whole, has a whole different idea.

I am not a huge fan of IPAs. It’s not that I dislike them, or that I don’t drink them. It’s just they leave you with a Hell of a headache sometimes, and some are much too hoppy for my personal taste. Enter BrewDog‘s amazing Punk IPA.

I absolutely love the stuff, and wherever I could find it on tap, that’s what I was drinking. It’s got that familiar IPA flavor, but it doesn’t hit you as hard, and is a really nice beer in any season. However, the headaches remain, but now you can bath in it at the new DogHouse Hotel in Columbus, Ohio.

BrewDog DogHouse Columbus Ohio Craft Beer Brewing IPA Scotland
BrewDog’s concept hotel in Columbus, OH. The DogHouse is slated to open in 2018.

As BrewDog sets their sites on the US market, they are making a big splash…ok, done with the puns. They’re actually looking to make a big impact with a full-on hotel in Columbus, Ohio. This hotel is complete with a spa and a boutique decor, all beer-centric of course.

This is a pretty great move for BrewDog. Craft beer has blown up here, and Columbus is blowing up right now in terms of innovation and companies putting offices there. I can’t argue with any facet of this, and thinking 2018, when the hotel opens, is when I should go visit my cousin’s in Columbus.

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