Podcast Review: Zero Blog Thirty

Barstool Sports is not exactly a place you’d expect to find a podcast from two former servicemen, who delve into heavy topics and have some inspirational guests. However, it fits right in from a perspective of fearlessness to discuss topics other podcasts avoid. It’s poignant, funny, and heartfelt.


On some podcasts three or more hosts is an issue, however, on Zero Blog Thirty this is not the case. If there is a lead it would be Chaps, a former Marine (well once a Marine, always a Marine), who trained and led bomb-sniffing dogs in combat zones. He brings a great perspective to every topic with humor, gravity, and tact. Whether it’s the military, politics, or anything under the sun, he brings an authentic outlook.

Captain Cons is a former Army officer, so there’s some great back-and-forth with Chaps on two fronts: Army v Marines; and officer v NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer). He brings authenticity and originality to the proceedings as well, and is not afraid to challenge the others on their assertions and opinions.

The third host is Riggs, a full-time Barstool blogger as well as a Jack-of-all-Trades podcast host for the network. He’s also the resident political/news blogger, so is a perfect addition to this podcast. He brings a non-military background to the show, but also is well-read (Harvard guy) and makes sure he does his research.


I guess you could say there are multiple formats to the show, depending on guests and who is available. Every show usually starts with them going over major news in the military and politics. As you can imagine, it’s been fairly President Trump-centric the last couple months.

However, all three bring a great perspective to news that seems to be as repetitive as it is abundant. They were especially helpful with the whole Yemen-Navy Seal raid, and how an operation like that is planned, executed, and the thought-processes behind it. They also breakdown where things go wrong, and on-going issues within the military and government.

Another segment I’ve grown to like is when they break down military-centric movies and their accuracy. One of the better aspects is their willingness to watch everything from Saving Private Ryan to Major Payne. This means it won’t be a heavy discussion each time, and offers up some good humorous stories.

The interview segment is probably the best in my opinion. Guests can range from NFL players like Joe Cardona of the New England Patriots, a former Naval Academy student athlete, or the most recent show with Stanley Rubin, a survivor of the Battle of Iwo Jima. The variety ensures each interview is unique and impactful, especially the one with Rubin, which I highly recommend.


This podcast is great for anyone who stays up on current events or has an interest in the military or government. All three hosts are unique, authentic, and bring a great perspective to those topics. They mix up segments and guests well to keep the show fresh, new, and topical. It’s one show per week, and I look forward to that show each Friday. If anything, at least give it a try, you will not be sorry.

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