What Better Time to go to the Oregon Coast then March?!

One of my favorite things about living in Portland is the proximity of the ocean and the mountains. While even on the warmest of days the beaches pale in comparison to Florida or California, but that’s not why I like them to begin with. The dunes, mountains, and just overall serenity are incredible.

This trip was no different. I hit a decent amount of snow going over the Coastal Range, which had melted on my return trip. When I got to Seaside I was met with a mixture of rain and sleet about about 40 degrees, but that wasn’t all! There was some serious wind happening, so instead of 40 it felt about 25.

Needless to say I didn’t spend too much time out on the beach, or trying to snag pictures only because I value feeling in my hands. After a quick stroll around the beach in Seaside, I figured I might as well head down to my favorite beach on the coast, Manzanita since it had been well over a year since my last visit. As always it did not disappoint.

While the beach down at Manzanita was a bit more deserted (read as “completely empty”) the scene was much cooler. The waves were bigger and crashing on a grey-black sky, which made it look even more incredible.¬†However, the wind was a bit stronger, and I am lucky I had my new gloves. I took some video of it, which does a decent job at capturing the scene.


Sorry, it’s a bit choppy as I was contending with strong winds and frozen fingers. It was a great, much needed trip. While I didn’t have the luxury of chilling on the beach for awhile, it was great to just be surrounded by the crashing of the waves and wind. And, again, the waves crashing against that sky were incredible. I can’t wait until my next trip.

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