Gear I Use: Volcom Crail Gloves

A few years ago I needed some warm gloves for a trip to New York. They had to be warm, but also not bulky. I found a great pair of Spyder gloves, but lately they hadn’t been keeping my hands too warm. I think that has to do more with me being a wimp, but nonetheless, they weren’t doing the job anymore.

Since I am recently back in Portland I stopped by one of my favorite places, US Outdoor. They special ordered my Spyder Half-Zip at no extra cost, and have always been great with service and questions. So anytime I need anything its one of the first places I go.

I found the Volcom Crail gloves, which are snowboarding gloves, however, I went with them because they were thicker than my last pair. They were also not very bulky and had had the plus of being waterproof, which is huge for the Pacific Northwest. The price wasn’t too bad at $40 as I will definitely get good use out of them, and already have.

I got these this past Friday, right before the Timbers match. They held up well there, in what I would call a low-impact situation, although, it was pretty close. They kept my hands warm and when I wasn’t wearing them, I could put them in my back pocket, which is a huge plus. Today was the big challenge though.

I made a trip to the Oregon Coast…in March. Needless to say it was a bit cold. It was about 40, but with the windchill more like 27 or so. This was added with some rain and even sleet, fun times for sure. I was happy to have the gloves though.

They were extremely warm and handled the wind and rain fine. They even have some grips on the palms, since they are for a halfpipe, which would also come in handy for snowshoeing. So far, so good with these gloves though. I highly recommend them, and looking forward to what other outdoor activities I can use them on.

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