Pizza Reviews, Because Why Not?

I am not sure if Portland is known for pizza, although, there is no shortage of local places that’s for sure. Since I am no longer in the center of the meat pie world, I figured I would have to adjust my food reviews. And what better food than pizza?

I love the stuff, and despite the fact 99% of it is not healthy (and the other 1% can’t be called “pizza”) I’m not sure if I will be making this a weekly post. However, Portland is rife with pizza by the slice locations, and these places usually serve beer. So maybe a “A Slice, a Pint, and a Crazy Portlander” post? Still working on that one.

I will probably break them down by crust, toppings, and sauce, or some such breakdown, and will not be giving overall scores like this chump. While this is partly inspired by Barstool’s El Pres, it’s a natural for anyone who’s spent time in Portland. I am also toying with a burger review post as well.

Anyway, expect the first one up soon, and we’ll see where they take me. I have also toyed with the idea of doing a video or even a podcast on this, so stay tuned for that as well.

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