Pizza Review: Bellagios, Beaverton

Since this is my first one, I will explain a bit how these will go, and as always, it will most likely change. I want to focus on a few things with these, namely Crust, Toppings/Sauce, and, when applicable, Reheating. I will also include any beer reviews when applicable as well. Scores will be out of 10. So here we go for the first one.

The Place

Bellagios is a local chain, with six locations around the Portland-metro area. It was a recommendation from my friends, who are so graciously letting me stay with them while I get back on my feet. They had online ordering, which was rudimentary, but worked better than a lot of the national chains sites.

Bellagios Pizza Beaverton Oregon Portland Food


I went with the thick crust, which is not really a deep dish, just a bit more of the regular crust. In hindsight I could have gone with the regular crust as it sits a little heavy. However, that’s not a knock on the quality, more on my inability to show any will power when it comes to portion size.

The crust was good. A bit crunchy on the edges, a bit soft on the inner ring, and sturdy on the bottom. Very little flop considering the weight with the thicker crust and amount of toppings. It was a bit greasy, but that’s what makes it good. I wouldn’t say it was too greasy.


I went with an old favorite of mine, minus the pepperoni this time. I went with Green Peppers, Jalapeños, Red Onion, and Bacon. I know, awesome breath after this, but I left the Feta off as well, so wrap your head around that. Anyway, all were very fresh and tasted great.

While they were generous with the Toppings, they didn’t overdue it with one over the others, or just in general. The Green Peppers were also in larger pieces than I am used to, which was nice. Same goes for the bacon, which can be hit or miss on pizza when it comes to quantity.

The sauce was just about perfect. A little sweet, but not overpowering with the sugar. Same goes for the salt. They didn’t drown the pizza with it, but a little more would have helped with the thicker crust. It was also cooked to about perfection, not too much, but not too soft either.


This wasn’t the first pizza I’ve had since I got out of Pizza Purgatory aka the UK, but it was the best. I definitely want to try it with normal crust in the future to see the difference, and I am sure I will get my chance. This is a solid pie, with quality ingredients, and cooked about as good as you can.

SCORE: 9.2

Bonus Reheating

I had a few pieces left over, which I had for dinner the next night. While cold it holds up alright, it was very good reheated. I did try a new method of reheating, on the stovetop, in a frying pan with a touch of oil on the pan. It’s a great way as it gives the bottom a bit of a crunch and heats the slice all the way through. A solid 9 on Reheating.

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