Au Revoir Burr, It’s Been Real

It was 2011 and I was living in “beautiful” Wadsworth, Ohio. That pesky Global Economic Downturn, or whatever BS name they gave it, had stunted the start to my career, so I jumped on the first gig I could get. The best part was through the beauty of cable I could watch the Canucks playoff run.

On that April night, I sat glued to my TV, hoping history would not repeat itself. Praying the Canucks would not blow a 3-0 series lead to the f*%&ing Blackhawks, and get a third straight playoff exit at their hands. I could not have cared less about work the next day, this was everything.

As the game went to OT the dread sunk in further. NOOOO! It’s going to happen again. WHY? Why are we forsaken to be punished like this?! Of course we will be the ones to win the President Trophy then get dumped by blowing a 3-0 series lead in the first round! Then, just over five minutes into OT, it happened.

Campoli tries to clear it, Burr knocks it down, skates to between the circles…euphoria! I jumped up and screamed “Yeah you sweet bastard! You f*&%ing did it!!!!!” Screw my neighbors. I didn’t care that it was 1 am, this was worth the impending noise complaint. The Canucks did it!

I proclaimed that night this was a team of destiny, but they came up one game short of proving me right. However, not without another Burr OT goal which will forever be burned into my memory. Eleven seconds into OT and he comes through once more, not bad for a free-agent signing from the ECHL.

You always love the grit guys, and he was definitely that. Forever the guy you wanted playing for your favorite team, not against it. When I was buying a jersey for a young Kelowna lass I was courting, Burr was the obvious choice (wish I had chosen better for myself. Anyone want a Kesler jersey????).

This isn’t going to lament the trade, or even complain they traded him. I will forever be a fan of the team over players. Although, this is what smart teams do, maximize expiring contracts, and in a way, Burr was able to help the team one last time with a great return.

Thanks for some great memories, Dragon Slayer, you will always remain one of my favorite Canucks.

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