Saved By A Virus?

So it appears poor Troy Stecher is a bubble-boy at the moment due to a case of the Mumps. I won’t get into the whole absurdity of this, but the way this virus spreads it’s not shocking more players are expected to come down with it. However, this might be a good thing.

I am not “Team Tank” and never will be. Tanking for better draft position in a lottery system is like playing the lottery instead of looking for a job. Granted the odds are better for the pick, but then there’s drafting and developing the right player, which is another crap-shoot to an extent. Although, I am also “Team Realist” (may have just made that up).

I’m a realist in the sense of there’s no use in buying at the deadline if you are a marginal playoff team at best. The last two seasons haven’t been banner years, so why give up a prospect or draft pick for a half-assed run? It’s not I don’t have faith in the team, it’s I don’t have faith in the Front Office.

Apparently ol Jimbo Benning is now on the selling side of things, despite standing pat on UFA’s last season, ones he knew he would not be bringing back. Let’s not forget comments he’s made earlier this season saying he wouldn’t ask players to waive their NTCs. Yeah, really sticking to that one Jimbo. At this point I am not really inclined to believe anything he says.

This whole Mumps thing could be the ticket to saving unneeded trades and acquisitions which would be useless at this juncture. Hey, if this team makes the playoffs and makes a push I am with them all the way. However, we aren’t dealing with falling short of expectations, or breaking a streak here, so why give something away?


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