The Land Down Under

On occasion time gets away from me. I get caught up with life, and before I know it, it’s been seven years since I was in Australia. Sometimes it felt a lot longer, and other times it felt like two years. So when I had an opportunity to swing through, I had to take it, and it was well worth the extra travel time.

In many ways it was like I had never left. The trains, buses, and locations were all about the same. While the neighbourhoods may have had different shops and businesses, they all pretty much looked the same. However, some places had gone through drastic change.

I barely recognized Darling Harbour. They had torn so much down, and built so many new buildings, it was barely recognizable. The same went for Macquarie University campus. I went out to see my old stomping grounds and there was a lot of new buildings, including the library which looked to be out of Star Trek or something.

It was great to see everyone and reconnect with a city I absolutely love. Got to hike in the Blue Mountains, swim in the Pacific, went to a soccer match, and even got to see Guns N Roses live! YES, THE ACTUAL BAND! It’s back to reality now, but Sydney is my reality. I lived there on two different occasions and still have many great friends down there.

Going to Manly Beach for a lunch, eating downtown with a view of the Harbour Bridge, and seeing a red-bellied black snake on a hike is all the norm. And I am very grateful for that. I am very grateful of amazing friends which allowed me to not spend a dime on accommodation, and are amazing people to hang out with. It definitely won’t be another seven years before my next trip, that’s for sure.

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