Podcast Review: The Adam and Drew Show

Anyone who was aged 10-30 in the US, in the 90s remembers the syndicated radio show LovelineThe show has been on in some form or another since 1984, but hit it’s peak in the 90s when MTV put the show on the air. For those uninitiated, the show would take calls from people around the country who had questions on sex, relationships, health issues, or anything under the sun.

The regular hosts would often be joined by celebrities, most who were hot at the time, which creates some great nostalgic viewing these days. While the show has gone through many hosts and personalities, the two most famous were comedian Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky, a board-certified doctor. They’ve carried that format over to the podcasting world in the form of The Adam and Drew Show.


While Dr. Drew was on the show since it’s inception and just moved on last year (a whopping 32 years!), Carolla was host for 10 years, and the two work great together. With that much history between the two they are seamless and pretty much know what the other will say before they can even open their mouth. It makes for an entertaining show.

Carolla, who can be a bit brash and prickly at times, is also damn funny and takes a very cut-and-dry approach to things. However, this doesn’t make him wrong a lot of times. Dr. Drew has a long history of treating mental illness, addiction, and general, physical issues, so has great insight on a lot of matters the callers bring up.

There is a great mutual respect and genuine friendship among the two hosts, which really makes it a good listen. They balance each other out well, and create some great comedy based off callers and current events. I’m happy they decided to bring this format to a podcast.


While the format sounds pretty straight forward, callers bring up issues, the hosts give them advice, but it’s a mixed bag really. Occasionally there are topics which the hosts want to discuss at the start, or an update on a past caller or even a guest every now and then.

The shows are anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour depending if they have a guest or not and released daily. They will tweet out when they are recording so people know when to call in, which is usually about once a week. The frequency and variety make it easy to listen to and follow.

As previously stated, the calls can range from marital problems to someone struggling with addiction. As prickly as Carolla can be, he also knows when to put it on and when something is too serious to mock. If there is something that is beyond Dr. Drew’s experience or knowledge, he will be sure to point the person in the right direction, and give them basic actions to take.


It’s a tried-and-true format, with hosts who did it better than anyone else. The variety is nice, as some callers will have similar issues but the circumstances are always different. This also means it can get a bit redundant as well. Also, as a former, avid listener of Carolla’s other podcasts, his shtick can get a bit tiring.

However, they are doing some real good here. At the very base of it they are giving people a basic outlet for people who are having trouble. While these issues are very complex and cannot be solved with a single phone call, it gives them a first step to their solution and getting healthier.

This is definitely a must listen for the fans of Loveline when it was in it’s prime, as it’s a modern take on it. For those who aren’t familiar it’s worth a listen, as every now and then you hear a nugget of knowledge that might help you in a small way. But don’t say I didn’t warn you about it being a bit “old hat” after awhile.

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