Finally a Remake of Dune

I am a sucker for Sci-Fi and War movies, so growing up Dune was right up my alley. While the movie wasn’t a huge success when it was released, it’s grown on it’s audience over the years. Also, how could they pan a movie with Patrick Stewart, Sting, AND Kyle McLachlan?! Insanity.

Anyway, it appears the new project has a director now. I’m excited to see how it will look with contemporary effects and spin on a classic Sci-Fi story. It’s the same director who did Sicario, which I absolutely loved, so I hope he brings the same grit and darkness to this one. I also hope they don’t go all Peter Jackson and try to stretch it out too far.

This is an update to a previously published post. Denis Villeneuve, the director of Arrival and this year’s Blade Runner sequel, will take on perhaps the most daunting challenge in science fiction: adapting Dune to film. Brian Herbert, the son of Dune author Frank Herbert, confirmed the news on Twitter today. Frank Herbert’s cult 1965…

via Some say “Dune” is unfilmable, but “Arrival” director Denis Villeneuve is exactly the right person to try — Quartz

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