Back to the AHL for Jared

Jared McCann is heading back to the AHL as the Florida Panthers get healthier. A lot of people seem to think the Canucks won this trade, however, Gudbranson has been anything but average or above. McCann is not lighting the world on fire either in 29 games in the NHL this season.

However, I have a bad feeling ol Jimbo Benning is going to sign Gudbranson to a contract which will make Sbisa’s look amazing, and hamper this team from holding onto assets in the near future. It seems so Jimbo to do something like that. Either way, I still think McCann and two picks would have yielded a better return than that. This trade looks like one that will take awhile to determine a winner.


Aleksander Barkov could be back in the lineup soon.

via Getting healthier, Panthers send McIlrath and McCann to AHL — ProHockeyTalk

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