The KISS Method, No Not The One With Gene Simmons

I am a big fan of KISS in a number of ways. Even their disco album. Ok, enough with band jokes. But I am a big fan of the “KISS” principle, which stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid.” It means don’t overthink it, or more importantly, don’t lose track of the goal. It was no shock to me this was coined in the military, as they try to be as no nonsense as possible.

Outside Magazine just put out some gear that fits that mold. In a world of high-tech fabrics, stronger and lighter alloys, and longer lasting food, sometimes it’s the simplest gear and apparel that works the best for a situation. It’s not to say the new stuff is useless, but it might not be wise to go for that from the start.

Some of the best/warmest gear I own are not name brand names for the Outdoor industry. I’m also one of those people who thinks a lot of little things add up to one big thing. So saving here and there will mean I have more money for the high-end stuff down the road. It’s a good way to keep costs down, but not at the expense of your activities.

Outside Magazine

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