One Outdoor Apparel Company Looks to Sell Your Old Clothes

Patagonia is launching a new buy-back program this coming April. The idea is to clean and repair any damages and resell at a lower price than what new garment would go for. The company has a long history or repairing damaged products (at a fee) so this is nothing new for them, but the buy-back portion is interesting.

Customers will get store credit for their old Patagonia products, which isn’t a bad idea for either party. Most of my older gear goes to friends, so it would be nice to get something for it. The benefit for Patagonia is obviously they keep customers, and money, in their world. It’s not a new concept in the apparel world, but they are gearing (pun!) for it with the largest garment repair center in North America.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. I think it’s great just on a conservation level of keeping more apparel and garments out of landfills. While currently I don’t have any Patagonia products, this might get me to try one out to see how the program works in the future.


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