Fresh Water On-Demand

I haven’t been on any big hiking/camping trips where I wasn’t able to keep a big stash of fresh water at camp or have access to it. However, I have been looking into some easier ways of getting fresh water, in regards to not transporting gallons upon gallons of it to my camp site.

Like a lot of things in the Outdoor industry, there seems to be endless choices and everyone has an opinion on which ones work best. I’ve always looked for the ones that take up the least amount of space, as that is always critical when in nature, or anywhere for that matter. If you aren’t local you might not know the best location to refill your supplies.

Popular Mechanics looked at five of the latest and best “gadgets” for obtaining freshwater. When I get back to the PNW I am definitely going to be looking into these a bit further. No sense in taking any of these to Australia, although it could have changed over to Mad Max-esque world by now…

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