Cargo Pants for a New Era

Ah, cargo pants. The much maligned, often mocked article of clothing has been a mainstay of the Outdoors crowd for decades. Hunters, anglers, hikers, campers, and even those just looking to stay on awesome fashion trends have rocked some manor of cargo pants. There is also the style with the sections you can zip off, oh yeah, now we’re talking.

Well 5.11 has reinvented the pant, and it looks pretty sharp.┬áThe new Defender-Flex pants are a modern take on an old “favorite” and appears to be for a more urban environment. The new design is not nearly as baggy as the ones 98 Degrees errrr I mean whoever that boy band is in the picture! Much slimmer and more contemporary.

While the new look is nice, and up-to-date, this obviously cuts back on carrying capacity. Not looking like you’re wearing parachute pants is it’s own reward, however, those big ol pockets did have a purpose. I might give these a try as I am always looking for options outside of jeans, and 5.11 has a solid reputation. While I won’t look as stylish as I used to, I will at least look like I know what’s going on, and that’s half the battle.

The Gear Junkie

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