A Tent With AC?

On the heels of Cochella blowing up, and Burning Man going mainstream, the hot-weather camping scene is blowing up, and with good reason. As most gear is made for temperatures right around what most would call normal, or even cold temperatures, this has been an under-served market.

Although, it’s probably with good reason. Who wants to camp in the desert? You usually camp because you want to experience the outdoors and nature, and there’s not much nature in a region devoid of water, but¬†there are some great arid regions worth a look. But it sounds like the festival crowd is what pushed this one over the top.

The Alien Buffalo Travel Shelter is the premier desert camping tent at the moment, and us perfect for the people looking to use a desert-based music festival as an excuse to do drugs. It sleeps up to 14 people, and even has a vent for a mobile air conditioning unit. Which is good because nature sucks without AC!

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