The Absurdity of Importing Vegetables

While not everything can be grown domestically, the trend of the US importing more and more of it’s vegetables is a bit disturbing. I get trade strengthens relationships between countries, or in theory it’s supposed to, there’s also something to be said for self-sufficiency. A new study highlights the drastic increase since the turn of the century.


The only reason it drives me nuts is where we waste so much money. Glendale, Arizona was closing fire stations while simultaneously giving their hockey team no one cared about millions to stay. It appears they’ve smartened up a bit in recent years. Sadly it appears Detroit’s recent bankruptcy hasn’t stopped them from giving public funds to billionaires under some absurd guise that it makes more money for the city.

If we have billions to give for our entertainment, how do we not have billions to invest in agriculture and innovate ways to grow vegetables in the country?

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