The Superbowl

Well here we are. Another long season, a bit of a surprising playoff, and it’s down to two. Everyone and their cousin picked the New England Patriots, as they have for about the last six years. They looked good though, even without Brady in the first four games, and even though there’s no line yet, they will be the favorite.

The Atlanta Falcons on the other hand surprised a lot of people. After going 8-8 last season, and not doing much in the playoffs since the Dirty Birds in 1998, they went 11-5. They beat an injured Seahawks team, then stomped out the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game. They also put up the most points in the regular season, beating the second-place Patriots by 99 points. Insanity.

Some have criticized this match-up, but on paper this looks like a good one. The Falcons have an insanely good Offense that scores quick, while the Patriots Defense has looked better as the season has gone on. The real match-up will be how both sides handle that match-up.

Unfortunately I will be just arriving in Australia for Superbowl Sunday/Monday. Also, it’s my first time back in almost seven years, so it’s not a major priority for me to watch. Although, this is a match-up I would love to see as there are a couple great stories.

The obvious one being Brady’s push for five championships. He’s had an insane career and he’s the major reason why the Patriots have been a Superbowl pick for the last decade and a half. It’s been insane to think of what he has done, and we’ve been able to witness it. He will be playing in his seventh Superbowl…SEVEN. Maybe it’s because my team hasn’t been in a championship since like the 1950s, but that’s nuts.

The other story would be the Falcons history making Offense. It’s incredible, especially considering their slow start. I heard on one podcast someone mentioning how the Falcons don’t have enough personality, and are kind of boring. Yeah, ok, I would take the best Offense in the history of the league over personality any day. The Lions had personality once, they also had a 0-16 record.


I know I am picking early, as we have over a week to go, but I want to go for it anyway. This one may play out like the Championship Weekend with one team running away with it, but on paper it’s pretty close. If I had to put my life on it, I think I would be insane to go against the Patriots. As much as it has to do with Brady, it’s Belichick I believe in.

His ability to pick apart the smallest weakness on a team is insane. And let’s not rule out luck. When it comes down to fate, Belichick seems to have a golden horseshoe up his arse. I hate going against the underdog, but would not be mad if Atlanta won. It will be an interesting game for sure.

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