Jersey Advertising

Whelp, it’s started. While just about every other league and sport has had them for decades it looks like jersey advertising has finally arrived in North America. Great. It was inevitable, but I was hoping it would take about 15-20 years so I could really be the old man shaking my fist at the world. This sucks.

The greed in modern sports is no secret. I mean the NFL will sue blogs for using the term “Superbowl,” yet for decades have glorified their players getting hurt and won’t acknowledge the horrific toll the sport takes on it’s players. Not to even mention the ticket and food prices.

The greed train has hit the next level in the states now. While the jerseys don’t quite look like this yet, they will get close soon. We will get the argument “Oh it’s just one small logo.” Because the league and teams will never want to double, triple, or quadruple their money from jersey advertising right?

The NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL continually make it harder to watch and be a fan. If they aren’t pricing you out at the stadium, they are selling you a walking billboard. I got why soccer teams do it as they don’t have the revenue stream of commercials as they utilize a running clock, and they are not exempt.

Soccer teams will have different sponsors for their practice jerseys sometime, and have their stands be sponsored on occasion. That’s almost like a stadium sponsor, which I have found fans will call the stadium what they want anyway. For example, can’t imagine many people will be calling the new Red Wings and Pistons home anything close to “Little Caesar Arena” or whatever it’s called.

As I said, I knew this day was coming but it’s still pretty sad. Phil Hecken over at Uni-Watch (awesome site btw) had this announcement almost a year ago, but seeing it in practice is much worse. I really hope this does stay with just one logo, but I have a feeling this is going to turn the “Big Four” into walking NASCARS.


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