No More FM Radio?

Digital killed analog TV, and now it appears it will kill radio as well. Norway is killing it’s FM radio network, coming from a parliament vote. The government planned this as far back as 2011, but it’s not a popular one. Polls show about 66% of the population disagrees with the plan despite the promise of more options and better quality from the new digital offering.

The main issue Norwegians have is what to do with the roughly 15 million radios which will become obsolete. The more specific issue is many of these are in vehicles, so essentially every car in Norway will have a useless piece of technology in the middle of the dashboard. I get where the backlash is coming from.

It’s an interesting idea. According to the article the UK had a provision in place to do something similar by 2015, however, it was contingent on a certain portion of the population switching to digital. This did not occur so the deadline came and went. I know it was a huge deal with TV in the US due to the size of some states and the lack of cable TV in some regions.

Source: Wired,

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