The Evolution of the Outdoor Camera

When I first got a glimpse of a Go-Pro and what it could do it was insane. Just the idea of having a camera that size capturing your activities was cool, but when you saw the quality of it as well, it was insane. The clarity, the quality, the fish-eye…my God the fish-eye. However, we’ve come a long way.

Now the action camera world has entered the 360 realm. If you’ve yet to see a 360 video, they’re pretty amazing. It’s just like it sounds, you get a 360-degree view of the area being filmed, which for the action sports world is a huge step-up. Now you will not only see what the surfer on their board sees, but the entire surroundings, including the surfer.

The Gentleman’s Journal broke down the latest models. When you look at the price, it’s not too bad for what you get. The issue just comes down to will you do enough with it to justify the price? A vast majority of work on most videos is done before and after filming. So might want to rethink £489 price tag to see your walk to the local convenience store, unedited.

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