Its Always Good to Have a Waterproof Jacket

I would say out of all my Outdoor gear my waterproof jacket is top three for sure. I like it because it’s so versatile, and I can use it for hiking, camping, and around town. While it’s not warm, it’s perfect for layering and it’s perfect for throwing in a bag if the weather clears.

I went with the Caliber Jacket from Dakine as I am a big fan of their products, but everyone has their own preference. I would say though it’s a must for anyone who even lives in a place that gets some rain. A quality made, waterproof jacket is damn near priceless. Think of it as an investment. Again, even if you don’t use it everyday, when you do need it, you’ll be happy.

Take it from someone who tried to work through cheap ones, you end up spending more on those in three years than a quality one which will last five years or more. Outdoors Magic has done a very thorough run through on the best waterproof jackets on the market. Now you don’t have to buy the most expensive one, but make sure it is waterproof and not just a brand name that says “water resistant,” definitely been down that road!

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