Look Who’s Getting Into The Cycling Game

IKEA has been making cuts and adding innovation to reach their 2020 environmental goals. They want to produce more renewable energy than they consume, which is an admirable goal for sure. They’ve introduced new materials into their products, changed which lightbulbs they use, and even changed the composition of their meatballs. Their latest move is trying to get people to bike to their stores rather than drive.

It’s a great idea for a couple reasons. The main one, in my opinion, is they’re selling not just a bike, but one you can haul stuff with, and of course they’re hoping you haul some IKEA products. However, it’s a smart move as you can haul much more than IKEA products.

The bike retails for $399 for members, and $499 for those of us outsiders. The front rack and trailers are additional, but compared to other bikes it’s a decent price. My only concern is with the location of a lot of IKEA stores. In Portland the store was out by the airport and quite far from the city center. The same went for the one in Minneapolis. People might be buying the bikes, but I’m not sure how many will be using it to haul IKEA products.

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