Earbuds Hate Me

Before I moved to London I finally splurged and bought some Bose headphones. I figured I needed a good way to listen to music and podcasts for all the traveling I’d be doing, and earbuds definitely wouldn’t cut it. They barely cut it around the city and at the gym. Earbuds hate me.

I don’t even try the Apple ones when I get them, because I already know they won’t work. Same goes for every brand for the most part, they fall right out. I have to get the over the ear ones so they stay in, but even those are garbage. I usually go through two pair a year. And yes, I have thought about buying expensive ones so they last longer.

However, what’s the point in dropping £200+ on some earbuds that won’t stay in when I am on the treadmill? Plus they get tangled, I drop them constantly, or lose them. It’s like sunglasses with me, I keep the cheap ones the longest, and break or lose the expensive ones in under 6 months. So piss off earbuds, I hate you too.

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