Bryce Harper is a Gem to the Baseball World

The baseball world (read “old white guys who hate that train travel and the telegraph no longer matter”) is up in arms over a tweet from the Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper. While the tweet is funny, its also spot on. Guess what sells a ton of shirts Nationals? Winning.

However, this tweet is just a small piece of the work Bryce Harper is doing to try to save baseball. A 2015 report shows that the median age for an MLB fan is 53 years old, compared to 47 for the NFL, and 37 for the NBA. Those are some wide gaps. Baseball needs to draw in younger fans, but can’t get out of it’s way sometimes.

I won’t even get into the absurd Baseball Writers arrogant and self-gratifying voting “standards.” I’m talking about just getting kids excited about it. Harper has been working toward this all last season. In my opinion he also has the best take on the “Make America Great Again” slogan with “Make Baseball Fun Again.”

Bryce Harper doing his part to make baseball fun again.

Baseball needs to turn these guys engage more with the fans. Let them show their personalities and make the All-Star game a place for interaction and fun. They wear very little equipment, so these guys are recognizable. Name me another sport where during warm-ups fans can go down to the first row and get autographs and pictures with their favorite players for hours. It’s all there, they just need to embrace it.

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