Look Like a Star Wars Character and Stay Warm

I’m a pretty big Star Wars fan.¬†I don’t read the books, or wait in line on opening night, but I usually see the new ones within a month of release. I used to buy any video game that had the Star Wars name on it, no matter the reviews. I was burned a few times on that one. Beyond t-shirts though, I’ve never been compelled to buy Star Wars clothes, but Columbia is making that tougher.

About a month ago they released three coats from characters in the latest installment of the Star Wars saga Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. These aren’t just props for Cosplay either. These are legit,¬†quality, outdoor ready Columbia jackets. They range from full-on winter jackets to a water-proof rain jacket.

They aren’t just Rebel sympathizers either. There’s the Rebel Jacket and Vest popularized by Jyn Erso, the Men’s Rebel Parka from Captain Cassian Andor, and the completely badass Imperial Jacket inspired by the Death Troopers. Nothing against the actors, who did an amazing job, but I go with the character names.

I love that Imperial Jacket, but already have too many rain jackets. Plus these aren’t cheap, however, as I said, they’re legit Columbia gear. The Jyn and Cassian coats are already sold out online, which isn’t shocking since those characters were damn near perfect, but the Empire still isn’t getting any love. So if you want to look like the guys who aided in destroying Jyn’s life, you can! Either way, some great looking coats and I hope they keep this up.

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